The installation was designed for space La Verrière in Brussels as part of the founding company Hermes (Fall 2008).

Reserve and calm in the installation of the Verrière-Hermés. It, at first glance, seems all nue. Made the walls are peints. For Monique Frydman, the color is, as the philosopher Jean-Christophe Bailly " in the order of impregnation ". Sprayed, saturated color repus subtleties volatile, the walls are covered with sheets of Japanese paper laid in" shingles; overlap very slightly. Connected with extreme sophistication this "blanket" bruisse zéphir at least, to touch any light passing creating movement and play of light on the background color. All work, "says Monique Frydman, is to create an alchemy between visible responsiveness, the palpitation of the leaves, these membranes slight raised by our breathing, our presence and our body";
Alice Morgaine.

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